I previously blogged about my journey with Endometriosis on an old blogger site I had/have and where it has led me, but that was the “old” me. The pre-Mutha me, the pre-PTSD me, the pre-bipolar diagnosis me. A lot has changed in my life and I definitely have a different outlook on the world and what’s going on within my day to day life. I probably have a lot more to talk about, over a number of wildly different topics and really wanted to wipe the slate clean and take a bite back into the blogging world. I hope to get back into blogging regularly and have requested my hospital notes so I can be accurate and blog chronologically about my journey with Endometriosis and Mental Health.

So here I am, hello!

My name is Rebecca, I am in my (very) early 30’s and am a very proud Mutha to one 2 year old chap named Roo, also I am equally proud to be a wifey of 3 years to my partner of 10 years, Sanjay.

Without these two sometimes annoying but mostly wonderful guys in my life it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be standing as firmly as I am now.

I love Instagram @one_strong_mutha that’s where you can find me most days. I have a keen interest in fashion, interiors and crafting (although I am probably not very good at any of the above, but I have all the will in the world).

I suffer with Endometriosis stage 4, adenomyosis, bipolar 1 and ptsd. I survived a brush with postpartum psychosis and a few other yucky conditions on the way. I’m hoping each situation will make for a blog post of their own all in due time.

There are a number of topics very close to my heart and again those will definitely get some attention in my up and coming blog posts.. hey I may even step out there and VLOG 😱. Cancer (breast and cervical) are the ones particularly close to my heart, miscarriage, perinatal mental health, IVF and infertility.

Thanks for reading so far, I hope you stick with us for another juicer post in the near future.

In the meantime come and join me over on instagram, I love making new friends and nosing at other peoples lives in little squares.

Love R xx